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You are welcome to request membership in this organization if the activities you see on these pages interests you. Click here to ask about Membership.
Please phone (321) 452-8383 or e-mail us with your name, address and phone number and a qualified member of the organization will get back to you as soon as possible. In addition to the many fun social activities you will see on our calendar our fraternal organization provides valuable service to our communities, care for children and teens in need at Mooseheart Child City & School , a 1,000-acre campus, located 40 miles west of Chicago and care for our senior members at Moosehaven, a 70-acre retirement community near Jacksonville, Florida.
With a combined membership of over 1,000,000 members in the Loyal Order of Moose and Women of the Moose, our presence is felt in over 1,500 communities across all 50 states and four Canadian provinces, plus Great Britain. The Moose organization contributes between $75 to $100 million worth of community service (counting monetary donations,volunteer hours worked and miles driven) annually.


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Merritt Island Moose Legion Supports Lodge 2073

Moose Legionnaires feel an increased level of pride in membership. Opportunities to be leaders and to provide additional support for the Order’s philanthropic causes in relation to Mooseheart & Moosehaven are recognized through involvement in this degree.

Each lodge is encouraged to organize Moose Legion Committees. These groups hold various functions for the social enjoyment of the local members. By so doing not only do the members enjoy their membership even more, but additional support is generated for the lodge itself.

In May 2021 our Moose Legion allocated up to $2,000 to Rebuild the Horseshoe Pits outside the Patio on the North Side of the Lodge. In July 2021 The Merritt Island Moose Legion Donated $2,000 towards the purchase and installation of a new hood for the Lodge Kitchen.  In September 2021 $300 was donated towards prize money for an annual Lodge 2073 Poker Tournament. In January of 2022 the Moose Legion contributed $1,000 toward the purchase of a Digital Projector for use at Lodge function and this was used during the Super Bowl Party in the Hall. In July of this year your Moose Legion contributed $1,100 for upgrading the Hall Audio System.

In addition to supporting the Lodge During the last year our Lodge 2073 Moose Legion has has donated $2,652 to Moose Charites Endowment which goes to support the children at Mooseheart and our Seniors at Moosehaven

Please join us in November as we celebrate our newest Pilgrim John Schiethauer. A pilgrim is the highest degree of service for a Moose Legionaire. 

Lodge & Women of The Moose News

In September we had the honor of meeting the Sleeth Family!

7 year old Vivian Sleeth is currently battling DIPG,  a rare, fast-growing tumor that forms in cells called glial cells in a part of the brain stem called the pons.  She is battling this with courage and strength beyond her years!

Keep on fighting, Viv!

With your help the Lodge and our Women of the Moose Chapter donated $1,850 to this amazing family!

For more information or to make a donation please visit Vivian’s Go Fund Me page at


We are collecting CANDY for the kids drive thru “Trick or Treat” on October 30th from 12-2pm.

Please leave your TRICKS AND TREATS in the basket in the hallway!



Thank You to our Sponsors

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